Elementary, Middle and High School Teachers

  • Hampton District 2
  • May 12, 2021
Other K-12 Early Childhood Elementary Middle Level - Language Arts Secondary - English Secondary - Science

Job Description

Under general supervision assists students in learning subject matter and/or skills that will contribute to their development as mature, able, and responsible adults. Reports to the school Principal.

Education and Experience: Education and experience as required by state certification authorities.
Knowledge: Knowledge of the policies, procedures and activities of the school District which pertain to the specific duties and responsibilities of the position.  Knowledge in the methods for developing lesson plans and materials, and classroom activities which stimulate learning.  Knowledge of the records, forms and reports which must be prepared and maintained.  Knowledge of proper maintenance of equipment, materials and supplies used in daily activities. Knowledge of counseling methods necessary for handling student academic and adjustment problems.  Knowledge of the materials and information which must be prepared for classroom instructional activities.
Skills/Effort: Ability to provide instruction to students through explanation, demonstration and/or supervised practice.  Ability to supervise students and maintain order in various classroom and instructional activities and situations.  Ability to operate general office equipment in the performance of daily activities.  Ability to prepare lesson plans, tests, and instructional materials for classroom activities.  Ability to identify student adjustment and/or academic problems, provide counseling and/or recommend appropriate remedial action to parents.  Ability to communicate effectively with students and their parents, District staff, and all other groups involved in the activities of the job.


Hampton County School 2


Our Vision

Hampton County School District 2 will become a world-class rural school district. Demonstrating our BEST.

Behave Responsibly

Exceed Expectations

Scholarship First

Team work always!

Our Mission

The mission of Hampton County School District 2 is to provide a rigorous personalized environment of academic excellence that prepares Each child, Each Day and in Every classroom to be college/career ready and citizen ready with no excuses. 

Our Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Education is a shared responsibility among students, educators, family and the community.
  • A safe, respectful and nurturing learning environment is essential to learning.
  • The primary focus of the school district is the education of all students.
  • High expectations should be established for all students.
  • Each parent is responsible for being actively involved in the education of his/her child(ren).
  • Schools prepare students to be creative thinkers, problem solvers and effective communicators.

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