Special Education Coordinator

  • The Charter Institute at Erskine
  • Charleston, SC, USA
  • May 10, 2021
Elementary Special Education

Job Description

A Gates School teacher is dedicated to the mission and philosophy of the school. The Special Education Coordinator will provide overall instructional programs, guidance, and support to teachers for ensuring each student’s success. The coordinator will monitor effectiveness of the program and provide a variety of differentiated instruction so that the Gates School can provide a rich and diverse educational experience for students. Evidenced-based, multisensory education with Social Emotional Learning curriculum and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are the backbone to this remarkable program. 

Position: Special Education Coordinator 

Department: Teaching Faculty 

Reports to: Executive Director / Principal 

Job Classification: Full-time, 10 month exempt position 

Start Date: August 4, 2021 (must be available for training sessions) 

Salary: Commensurate with experience 

Pre-Employment: OG Training Required (June 21, 23, 25, 28 & 30) 

Special Education Coordination
● Ensures Academic Progress
● Oversees delivery of both instruction and related services as stipulated on
individualized education programs (IEPs) to ensure an integrated service delivery
• Collaborates with school leaders to develop and implement a schoolwide special
education Adequate Year Progress (AYP) or other school-wide progress plan
• Chairs initial eligibility/IEP conferences and adheres to eligibility categories and guidelines
Program / Training
• Coordinates staff development/training in collaboration with school leaders
• Recommends strategies to enhance special education performance on standardized tests
• Stays abreast of best practices
Monitoring / Reporting / Compliance
• Develops and implements a special-education-specific performance management tracking system
• Monitors service delivery in inclusion classes and resources settings
• Reviews all IEPs to ensure that they are based on quantitative present levels of performance,
curriculum standards, and content and that they are relevant for the individual student
• Maintains shared schoolwide calendar of IEP meetings to monitor for timeline compliance
• Takes comprehensive meeting notes at IEP meetings and monitors notes taken by
teacher/case managers, records dissenting opinions, and follows eligibility criteria and guidelines
drives compliance
• Ensures that special education staff abide by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
and state and local special education regulations
• Ensures that special education teachers maintain compliance and monitors academic tracking
• Oversees the compliance of special education files
• Monitors and supports IEP meetings chaired by teachers/case managers
• Provides monthly reports to school leaders
Community Liaison
● Advocates for special education students and staff
• Ensures cooperative relationships with general education staff Supports IEP process
• Serves as a link between school leader and special education teachers/case managers, contract
evaluators, and contractual service staff and collaborates with contract evaluators to ensure timely
receipt of reports
• Promotes positive parent relationships and intercedes in complex cases
• Monitors teacher/case manager notifications to parents
Professional Expectations
● Attend weekly faculty meetings and other partner, team or committee meetings as needed
● Maintain current knowledge of Orton-Gillingham techniques and best practices
● Take advantage of professional development opportunities
● Stay abreast of current educational research and best practices
● Attend in-service days, meetings, seminars and training sessions
● Engage in self-assessment and work towards professional goals while pursuing continual professional
● Consult and work with colleagues and administration
Gates School Collaboration
● Write articles for the school newsletter and other school publications as needed
● Participate fully in the life of the school by contributing to and attending school events,
supporting marketing, advancement/development efforts, and being a representative of the
● Play an active role in the admissions process through classroom visits
● Promote enrollment for the school internally and externally
● Serve as a mentor for new faculty and the Gates University Team as needed
● Support the school and its leadership



The Charter Institute at Erskine


Gates School, located in the Charleston, S.C. area, is a new state-approved, elementary charter school
offering a comprehensive educational program to serve students with dyslexia and other language related
difficulties. The Gates School core philosophy is that all children can reach their full potential given expert and highly trained teachers, appropriate teaching methods and atmosphere. It will open the Fall of 2021 and will expand one grade per year to become K-8.

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Additional Information

● Bachelor’s degree with South Carolina State certification, Master’s degree preferred
● Special education endorsement required
● Commitment to mission and philosophy of the Gates School
● Knowledge of the process of reading, writing, math and the development of study skills
● Sensitivity to intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of students
● Experience in an elementary/middle school setting
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills
● Strong organizational, management, and goal-setting skills and experience in curriculum development, collaborative planning and team teaching
● Excellent interpersonal skills with colleagues, families and students
● Desire and ability to work with children with learning differences
● Practice and model respect for individual differences, learning styles and rates of learning
● Desire for on-going professional development
● Believe in each individual’s ability and potential to learn and succeed
● Possess strong communication and organizational skills with a keen attention to detail
● Enjoy professional collaboration
● Maintain current knowledge of techniques and best practices in education and desire and
willingness to take advantage of professional development opportunities
● Commit to innovation, excellence, and dedication in implementing instructional programs and
learning activities unique to each student
● Commit to team building and consensus building with administrators and school in sharing
ideas, making decisions, and sustaining the school’s mission and vision

Send resume and cover letter to: Ashley.brooks@gatesschool.org