Guidance Counselor

  • Greenwood 51
  • Apr 30, 2021
Elementary Guidance

Job Description

To implement the district’s comprehensive counseling program for elementary level students; to consult with and assist teachers, parents, and staff to enhance their effectiveness in helping students; to protect the confidentiality of student records; and to provide appropriate support for educational programs.

Guidance Curriculum

  1. Teach, team teach with, or assist teachers in teaching guidance curriculum learning activities.
  2. Meet with small groups of children to teach specific skills, i.e., study skills, social skills, assertiveness training, decision-making, etc.
  3. Provide information and/or support to parents as needed or requested.

Individual Planning

  1. Assist administrators, teachers, and parents regarding the student’s educational needs.
  2. Assist students in making the transition from school to school through orientation activities.
  3. Participate in the intervention team process or school support team. 

Responsive Services

  1. Counsel individuals and small groups of students toward personal/social, development and emotional growth.
  2. Counsel small groups of students in areas such as families in transition, coping with grief, self-esteem, drug and alcohol concerns, peer relations, etc.
  3. Counsel individuals and groups of students toward the development of academic development and career plans.
  4. Consult with parents, staff members, and community agencies regarding strategies to help students.
  5. Refer children and their families to special programs, specialists, and community agencies when appropriate.
  6. Counsel and support children and their families facing emergency situations and make appropriate outside referrals.

System Support

  1. Plan and evaluate the counseling program.
  2. Promote a positive working relationship with students, staff, and members of the community.
  3. Pursue continuous professional growth by keeping current with educational developments and literature in the field of school guidance.
  4. Develop and maintain a library of pertinent information available to students, parents, and staff.
  5. Perform other tasks and assume other responsibilities as may from time to time be assigned.



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