School Psychologist

  • Dillon District 4
  • Jan 18, 2023
Other K-12 Special Education

Job Description





  • Master’s Degree
  • Valid South Carolina certification as a School Psychologist II or III

  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable
  • REPORTS TO:    Director of Programs for Exceptional Children
  • FUNCTION:         To provide comprehensive, effective school psychological services in an accountable, ethical manner so that the needs of students are addressed and met
  • Coordinate first-time psychological evaluations and the scheduling of multi-factored evaluation/IEP committee meetings within state and federal mandates
  • Chair multi-factored evaluation/re-evaluation/IEP committee meetings in assigned schools concerning referred students in order to ensure that state and federal guidelines are followed and to interpret the multi-factored evaluation data and participate in decision-making concerning appropriate educational placement and programs
  • Participate in helping to develop FBAs and BIPs and/or participate in Manifestation Determination meetings
  • Monitor and coordinate the submission of referrals required for triennial multi-factored evaluation within required timelines
  • Assess difficulties for referred students through appropriate testing and diagnostic practices and complete multi-factored reports which may include remedial/corrective procedures for students with identified academic/behavioral problems
  • Confer with school administrators, teachers, and parents, as needed, as a member of the School Intervention Team at assigned schools, as appropriate
  • Plan and conduct staff development programs for teacher, school administrators, parents, and other district personnel
  • Consult with teachers, parents, and school administrators concerning students with disabilities, as needed
  • Attend professional meetings and conferences to keep abreast of promising new practices, current trends, legal issues and other areas of professional growth
  • Facilitate or conduct individual and/or group counseling, if appropriately trained, for students with disabilities, as needed
  • Communicate effectively
  • Establish cooperative, productive, and courteous relationships with all school staff
  • Perform other duties and assume other responsibilities as may be assigned
  • TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:            195 days
  • LAST UPDATE:                                 03/01/2012 
  • This job description is not intended as a complete listing of job duties. The incumbent is responsible for the performance of other related duties as assigned/required.   


Dillon School District Four