Special Education Teacher

  • SC Public Charter School District
  • Greenville, SC, USA
  • Apr 12, 2021
Early Childhood Special Education

Job Description



  1. Assume overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the classroom and classroom staff.
  2. Make recommendations to the Senior Director of Education for employment and termination of classroom staff.
  3. Carry out orientation and be responsible for the performance and yearly evaluation of classroom staff.
  4. Support classroom staff in their ongoing educational development.
  5. Provide a developmentally appropriate and stimulating atmosphere within the classroom, utilizing up-to-date curriculum and curriculum aids.
  6. Establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for students.
  7. Assume responsibility for special programs.
  8. Inform parents on a timely basis of classroom/special activities, etc through monthly calendar and newsletter.
  9. Communicate, as necessary, with individual parents to keep them informed of information regarding their child.
  10. Ensure attendance, snack, and lunch records are maintained accurately on a daily basis.
  11. Provide consultation and support to parents as needed.
  12. Complete appropriate documentation for any accident witnessed involving a student within the classroom setting and notify nursing staff for further parent communication.
  13. Conduct weekly meetings with classroom staff to relay information pertaining to students, staff, therapies, etc.
  14. Train, inform, and utilize high school/college students and volunteers in the classroom.
  15. Ensure classroom coverage at all times, utilizing other staff members as necessary.
  16. Notify Senior Director of Education and contact parent/legal guardian if child is absent three consecutive days or is frequently absent from school.
  17. Notify Senior Director of Education and secure a substitute (as needed) if late or absent from work unexpectedly.
  18. Plan and implement daily related arts activities. 

Fiscal Management 

  1. Assume responsibility for classroom budget planning/implementation.
  2. Make annual recommendations for updating equipment and computer software. 

Planning and Development 

  1. Coordinate all arrangements for field trips with the Senior Director of Transportation, Senior Director of Education, and Senior Director of Therapy.
  2. Submit lesson plan to the Senior Director of Education by Monday mornings.
  3. Assess students in appropriate developmental areas at least once a year for the purpose of writing an IEP.
  4. Assume responsibility for documentation of classroom IEP.
  5. Document quarterly progress in achieving IEP goals for each student.
  6. Write discharge summaries as required for exiting students.
  7. Coordinate the planning and implementation of a total program for each student with the therapists.
  8. Participate in admission team screenings as needed and coordinate with other staff in making recommendations for placement at the Center or to other facilities.
  9. Prepare and type IEP’s in accordance with the Center’s established schedule; obtain all necessary documentation for IEP’s.
  10. Assist as required with the planning and development of long-range goals and objectives for the Center.

Policies and Standards 

  1. Make recommendations to the Executive Director for development, review, and revision of Center Policies and Procedures.
  2. Administer policies and programs that pertain to the classroom as adopted by the Board of Directors.
  3. Promote the Meyer Center mission whenever possible in the community within the confines of the Personnel Policy. 

Regulatory Agencies 

  1. Comply with all licensing standards and regulations set by DSS Day Care Licensing, DSS Child and Adult Care Food Program, UMTA, ABC Voucher, DHEC, Medicaid, and the Board of Directors.
  2. Participate in United Way campaign and fundraising activities as requested.
  3. Such other duties as requested by the Senior Director of Education or Executive Director.


SC Public Charter School District


Meyer Center for Special Children  https://meyercenter.org/

Dr. Leslie Meyer founded the Meyer Center in 1954 with a simple vision: in the right environment, any child can learn. Today the Meyer Center remains dedicated to enriching the lives of children with disabilities so that they might reach their full potential.

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Qualifications: Must meet minimum educational requirements, including a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education.