Information Technology Specialist

  • McCormick County School District 01
  • 6979 Highway 28 South, McCormick, SC, USA
  • Apr 10, 2019

Job Description

                                             McCormick County School District Position Description



SUMMARY: To oversee and administer the functions and operations of the school district's Information Technology Systems and technology activities, integrating technology into District functions and education, assessing the effectiveness of school district's technology infrastructure and security, providing recommendations regarding potential hardware and software upgrades, and maintaining the proper functioning of all computer systems. Increasing effectiveness, reduce costs, improve instruction and promote the best use of professional and support staff time for the ultimate benefit of all educational programs.

EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferred, from an accredited college or university in computer science, education, business administration, public administration or related field and extensive professional experience in information technology management. Experience in technology management and supervision, required. Well-developed human relations/communications skills. Proven ability to teach and mentor other technical professionals.


  • Overall responsibility for the strategic and tactical response of the IT department to the integration of
  • technology into the learning process;
  • Technology systems support and implementation with cost estimates integrated with Instructional
  • Services Initiatives.
  • Facilitate the maintenance, enforcement and review of district guidelines regarding; Instructional
  • Technology, Voice, Video, Security, and Network Infrastructure (cabling and hardware);
  • Implementation of on-going management of ITSM/ITIL processes for management of IT systems
  • within McCormick County School District;
  • On-going tactical review of MCSD IT User policies (i.e. Network Log-in, SPAM filtering, content
  • filtering, e-mail, Web Site access, etc...) based on Instructional needs
  • Development and provision of Incident/problem prioritization parameters;
  • Integration of Instructional Technology and Systems Technology support within a single Service
  • Desk structure; and
  • Performs other duties as required.


  1. Demonstrated competence and experience in current technologies, including: Strategic understanding of relationship between Instructional Technology Services and other departments within a K-12 educational organization;
  2. Knowledge of PC compatible and Macintosh platforms and their operating systems;
  3. Knowledge of applications use and techniques with software;
  4. Network operating system and associated software (i.e. Appleshare, Windows, Linux), Cisco 
  6. Knowledge of computer/electronic equipment (including, but not limited to, pc, Macintosh, Cisco Switches, tablets, iPads, Droids, iPhones, etc.) software, installation, and troubleshooting techniques;
  7. Knowledge of basic networking, client machine installation onto a network and local area troubleshooting;
  8. Prior management of strategic initiatives related to technology integration;
  9. Tactical overview of Instructional Technology support including professional development process;
  10. Tactical overview of Technology Systems, supports requirements for instructional and administrative 
  12. requirements of a typical school district;
  13. Managing technology projects;
  14. Data, voice (VolP), and video communications;
  15. Equipment/software selection and acquisition;
  16. Disaster Recovery
  17. Network Security
  18. Service desk management;
  19. Field service management:
  20. IT best practices; and
  21. Managing website accessibility
  22. Power School management
  23. Organizational and time management skills.
  24. Ability to report work orally or in writing to supervisor as required.
  25. Ability to carry out instillations furnished in written or oral form, and to work with minimum supervision.
  26. Ability to train employees and lead them through changes in procedures, etc.
  27. Ability to problem solve job-related issues.
  28. Ability to work with a diverse group of individuals.
  29. Ability to maintain confidentiality of information regarding school district financial and other information.
  30. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others contacted in the course of work.
  31. Teamwork and consensus-building skills.
  32. Ability to supervise employees and provide clear direction, goals and objectives in a respectful manner.
  33. Ability to develop effective working relationships with students, staff and the school community.
  34. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
  35. Ability to perform duties with awareness of all district requirements and the Board of Trustees policies.
  36. A/V trouble shooting/Implementing equipmentReports to: Superintendent 
  37. Days: 240
  38. Department: Technology


McCormick County School Teacher


McCormick Educational Complex