Special Education Teacher

  • SC Public Charter School District
  • Greenville, SC, USA
  • Jun 11, 2019
High School Special Education

Job Description

Special Education Teacher: Job Description

  • Complete compliance paperwork and hold meetings with students and parents of students with Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), 504 Plans, or other accommodations
  • Work directly with designated students with IEPs and 504s and/or students with identified needs for accommodations
  • Partner with general education teachers on best practice and strategies for accommodations and meeting diverse learner needs
  • Note: Our special education program encompasses both inclusion and traditional resource models.


SC Public Charter School District


Next High School https://www.nexthighschool.org/

NEXT High School is a free, public charter school in Greenville, SC built by people who want to make an impact—and want to do so as part of a diversely talented and flexible team. Because we love meeting and connecting with like-minded educators, we post positions even while our year is in motion—we’d like you to be able to see the model in action and think about a future with NEXT High School (though there may be opportunities for positions during the year as well).

NEXT High School is part of a public charter school network that includes NEXT School Eagle Ridge (NSER), a grade 6–12 school in Salem, SC. NEXT Schools exist to prepare young people for life by engaging them in life now, giving them the tools and opportunity to create real products, host real events, launch real businesses or nonprofits, and have a real impact. We believe that there is no reason for student work to be hypothetical, or for projects to live and die on a posterboard.

Some of our tools and methods include blended learning, 1:1 technology, a low-ratio teacher advisory program, flexible workspace, and flexible scheduling. These combine to create a dynamic, fast-paced, and high-energy environment.

In academics, students are paced to 4 courses per semester (a total of 8 credits possible per year). In addition to coursework, students are always engaged in applying knowledge and skills to create projects of impact: collaborative projects that cross subject lines and focus on creating value now (products, events, businesses, nonprofits, or community/personal improvement). We also have an on-campus guest "Breakout Speaker Series" to introduce diverse perspectives (think in-house TEDx Talks), and community-led “Breakout Seminars” that lead students through industry practice and hands-on experience.

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Additional Information

Additional Qualities:

  • A well-rounded understanding of current/emerging education models and best practices, including Project-Based Learning; blended learning; the “flipped classroom”; educational technologies (such as Google Classroom and other online platforms for instruction and creativity);
  • Be a self-starter but also a collaborator, able to work smoothly with any colleague or student;
  • Desire to direct students continually to interest, inquiry, and impact on the world now (rather than just “getting through” academic material or "checking boxes");
  • Highly flexible and able to improvise.

Benefits (Full Time Employees):

  • Health / Vision / Dental / Life Insurance
  • NEXT School Retirement Investment