School Counselor

  • Dorchester School District Two
  • Eagle Nest Elementary School, River Oaks Drive, North Charleston, SC, USA
  • Feb 09, 2024
Elementary Guidance

Job Description

SALARY: As determined by DD2 Salary Schedule



  1. Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university with an approved guidance program
  2. Valid South Carolina certificate in guidance and counseling as specific levels: 
            a. K-5 Elementary Certification
            b. 6-8 Elementary or Secondary Certification
            c. 9-12 Secondary Certification

       3.  Teaching experience preferred
       4.  Other qualifications as the Board may deem advisable


JOB SUMMARY: Provides academic, career and personal counseling to students to help them meet their educational, vocational, personal and social needs within the framework established by State and District policy.


  1. Assists in the coordination of the school’s counseling program with an emphasis on the foundation, management, delivery and accountability.
  2. Consults and serves as a resource person who can help promote a better understanding of the uniqueness of students and/or their situation and to arrive at workable solutions to problems, making decisions, or changing behaviors.
  3. Demonstrates professional qualities that will enhance the counselor’s working relationship with staff, students, and parents.
  4. Demonstrates professional development through activities designed to enhance one’s knowledge, skills and competencies.
  5. Meets with students individually and in small groups to address students’ needs and topics of special interest.
  6. Provides classroom guidance sessions designed to assist students in (a) developing optimally, (b) having a greater ability to cope with and solve problems, and (c) acquiring increased competence in decision making.
  7. Provides orientation sessions for students, professional staff, and parents.
  8. Assists in organizing school-wide testing programs and assists in the interpretation of test results for students, parents, and staff.
  9. Conducts or assists in evaluating the school’s counseling program; conducts surveys to determine student, staff and school needs.
  10. Conducts follow-up appointments with students.
  11. Assists in the preparation of an annual guidance budget.
  12. Plans and conducts public relation efforts for the counseling program.
  13. Assists in the collection and dissemination of student information and records.
  14. Analyzes information to ensure that students are placed in curricula offerings appropriate to their abilities and needs.
  15.  Assists professional staff in utilizing student information for curriculum improvement.
  16. Maintains current information and assists in appropriate referrals to school programs and community agencies.
  17. Provides assistance to parents regarding student growth, development and education opportunities.
  18. Assists teachers in identifying, understanding, and helping students with special abilities and needs.
  19. Assists school staff in developing a school environment that enhances the self-concept and self-worth of students.
  20. Follows district policies and school guidelines regarding professional responsibilities and conduct.
  21. Coordinate and present professional development workshops in career -development and guidance for teachers, school counselors, and work-based constituents.
  22. Assist school counselors and students in identifying and accessing career information and resource materials.
  23. Provide educators, parents, and students with information on career and technology education programs offered by the district.
  24. Support students in the exploration of career clusters and the selection of an area of academic focus within a cluster of study. (Middle/High)
  25. Assist students in declaring an area of academic focus with in a cluster of study by the end of the second semester of the tenth grade. (High School)
  26. Assist with the selection, administration, and evaluation of career-interest inventories.
  27. Assist with the implementation of the district’s student career plan or individual graduation plan. (Middle/High)
  28. Coordinate community resources and citizens representing diverse occupations in career development activities for parents and students.
  29. Work with the guidance team, school, and local business partners to provide students with a variety of work- exploration experiences such as: (High School)


a. mentoring experiences
b. shadowing experiences
c. service learning experiences
d. school based opportunities to explore basic business practices and entrepreneurial enterprises.
e. internships and cooperative education experiences
f. youth apprenticeships beginning in the 11th grade for students over the age of 16
g. Senior-year projects or community involvement or leadership

     30. Performs all other related duties as assigned by the Principal.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation.


Dorchester School District Two


Eagle Nest Elementary School

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