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  • North Charleston, SC, USA
  • Dec 19, 2023
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Job Description

The Principal is ultimately responsible for executing the leadership, vision, mission, and day to day management of PSA as prescribed by the Board of Directors. 

Major responsibilities include: 

Strategic Leadership 

  • Implement the key elements of the School’s Strategic Plan, delivering best practices for Gifted & Talented curriculum; distributing resources across disciplines; implementing assessments to determine student growth. 
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors and its various committees to regularly assess school finances, operations, strategy, governance, and academics. 

Effective Management and Development of People, Systems and Resources 

  • Ensure smooth, efficient daily operations of the school through effective administrative, personnel, academic, and financial management systems.
  • Ensure School compliance with relevant Federal, District, and Charter Board regulations. 
  • Attend Board meetings, serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member of Board and provide regular written updates on School enrollment & students, and the operational, academic, and financial health of the organization.
  • Manage the fiduciary responsibilities of the School through establishing and adhering to an annual budget and working closely with Finance and Policy & HR Committees.
  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring, training, evaluation, supervision, promotion, and termination (as necessary), of faculty, staff and administration.
  •  Ensure faculty, staff, and administration meet all certification requirements in a timely manner through completion of appropriate training, evaluations, and professional endorsements.

Strong Student Achievement through Faculty Excellence

  • Demonstrate strong leadership through professionalism, ethical behavior, effective communication, collaboration, and accountability of PSA’s faculty and staff in executing the mission of the school.

School Culture and Community 

  • Embraces the School’s mission, goals, essential characteristics, and educational program. 
  • Provide effective communication to the PSA community as a whole relating to the School’s missions and goals.
  • Engage and promote school-based Culturally Responsive Pedagogical practices to meet the needs of all students, families, faculty/staff, and community stakeholders.
  • Act as PSA’s chief ambassador in its relations with other school systems, state agencies, corporations, media, community organizations, and all other external entities. 
  • Maintain an effective, strong working relationship with the South Carolina Charter School District.
  • Maintain an effective, strong working relationship with Joint Base Charleston. 

Demonstrated Professional Qualifications, Competencies, and Personal Characteristics:

Success in this role requires extensive experience in education, an ardent dedication to gifted and talented education in a diverse and inclusive public educational system, a strong desire to embrace and embody PSA’s mission and vision, and a commitment to PSA’s core values.

Professional skills and experiences: 

  • At least five years of proven school leadership experience marked by team-building, operational execution, personnel management, and responsible financial management;  
  • Experience in High-performing charter, independent, or public school leadership.  
  • An understanding of the methods used to identify gifted and talented students and knowledge of the educational needs of gifted and talented students; 
  • Strong knowledge of all state and federal laws and regulations governing public organizations, employment, privacy, and working with children; 

Personal characteristics:  We are seeking a new PSA Principal who embodies a strong work ethic, provides an inspirational and empowering leadership approach, and dedicated commitment to gifted and talented education. S/he will possess these personal skills and characteristics: 

  • The executive presence and integrity to inspire confidence and passion; 
  • The persistence and entrepreneurial spirit to lead a maturing organization toward realizing ambitious goals while maintaining a strong foundation; 
  • A commitment to ethical behavior, accountability, and compliance with organizational policy;
  • Commitment to organizational improvement; 
  • A strong work ethic and the optimistic determination and creativity to use a variety of approaches to fulfill PSA’s strategic plan and goals; 
  • Ability to communicate effectively with parents, students, faculty, and staff; 
  • A collegial style that reflects mutual respect and engenders trust and teamwork. 

Relationship to the Board: 

PSA’s Board of Directors (Board) operates as the sole governing body of PSA in accordance with the South Carolina Charter School Act and related State and Federal laws, rules and regulations governing Charter Schools. The Board is strictly a governing body that exists to provide oversight and direction to the school. The Board’s relationship to the Principal involves: 

  • The Principal is the sole direct report to the Board;   
  • The Board establishes goals, expectations, and policy and holds the Principal accountable in the execution and performance of those policies and goals; 
  • The Board is committed to working in partnership with the Principal through strategic planning and oversight to drive the school toward the successful accomplishment of its goals through leadership and support by and of its elected members;

In summary, the Board interacts both as a body of the whole and through the Board Chairperson, and Committees of the Board as appropriate.  The Board is not involved in administration of day-to-day functions of the school.  The Board regulates, oversees, and drives performance through various committees, policy decisions, and other Board action. 


A highly competitive compensation and benefits package (commensurate with qualifications and Experience) will be provided to the successful candidate. 


SC Public Charter School District


Palmetto Scholars Academy (PSA) is a public charter school serving students in grades 6-12 with a curriculum specifically designed for gifted and talented students. Formed in 2009, Palmetto Scholars Academy graduated its first senior class in 2015. PSA uses a lottery system for enrollment with a school size of approximately 500 students. PSA was formed by a group of parents and educators seeking a unique educational experience for high ability students. 

Our Mission: 

PSA is a public charter school designed to discover, nurture, and optimize the full potential of intellectually gifted 6th-12th grade students. 

Our Vision: 

We envision a school with a vibrant and robust culture that produces resourceful leaders, innovators, and problem solvers. 

Our Values:

PSA holds high expectations for our students, teachers and staff and values the unique gifts and talents that each brings to the school. Our efforts are guided by the following principles: 

  • Integrity: We are committed to exemplifying the highest levels of honesty, respect, and transparency in all our endeavors. 
  • Collaboration: We are committed to establishing healthy and productive relationships between students, teachers, and parents to ensure that every student has the needed tools and opportunities to grow into exceptional young adults. 
  • Accountability: We are committed to holding ourselves responsible for providing an environment where everyone has a role in sustaining a robust and vibrant culture for students, teachers, and staff to be successful 
  • Equity: We are committed to providing robust educational experiences to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to achieve their highest potential. 
  • Excellence: We are committed to being a model public Charter school recognized for academic and operational excellence, and for graduating students who are inspired to continuously thrive to reach their fullest potential. 

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Additional Information

How to Apply: 

Palmetto Scholars Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer: Veterans and other diverse candidates are encouraged to apply. 

Qualified candidates interested in this opportunity are invited to submit a resume and other supporting documentation by attachment and in WORD or PDF to: