Elementary Art Teacher 2024-2025 SY

  • Fairfield County
  • Nov 16, 2023
Elementary Art

Job Description


Under limited supervision assists school administrators by delivering thorough instruction to students according to South Carolina Department of Education Curriculum Standards.  Maintains management of classroom at all times.  Regularly communicate with parents and relevant stakeholders regarding students' achievement and behavior. Reports to the Principal and/or Assistant Principal.  


Attend all parent teacher conferences.

Communicate effectively with parents and leadership regarding student achievement.

Attend, participate, and contribute to all IEP meeting when applicable.

Serves as an exemplary role model at all times.

Ensures that various instructional strategies are executed to encourage academic growth in diverse learners.

Carries out all additional duties (lunch, bus, hall, morning etc.…) as directed by school administration.

Serves as a mentor or ADEPT evaluator if certified and requested by Principal and/or District Human Resources or Instructional Personnel.

Will attend required professional development that is beneficial to the FCSD and its students.

Will maintain teacher certifications by meeting all certification requirements by South Carolina Department of Education.


Assists school administrators, teachers and staff with various routine and/or specialized clerical and administrative duties as assigned, which may include the following:

Assists assigned teachers with academic instruction and classroom activities, focusing efforts on either groups of students or individuals as necessary.

Sets up classrooms and laboratories for instructional activities.

Assists in coordinating and implementing special school / classroom projects and programs as assigned, including but not limited to field trips.

Prepares detailed lesson plans for approved absences.

Proctors and monitors testing activities; administers make-up tests.

Creates Syllabi, lesson plans, rules, expectations, and procedures for classroom/students.

Maintains records, filing materials, organizing paperwork, typing course materials and syllabi, etc.

Receives and fills requests for reproduction work from faculty, staff and volunteers, including but not limited to copying, laminating and binding; delivers products to requesting staff.

Ensures that effective classroom management program is in place.

Creates and maintains student discipline records and files; prepared detention lists and parent notifications; prepares packets for disciplinary hearings; prepares quarterly reports for school administrators and District Hearing Officer.

Schedules and arranges class coverage for parent-teacher conferences and other teacher meetings as necessary.

Prepares student academic report packets.

Maintains records of textbook assignments; receipts monies for lost texts; collects books at end of school term.

Makes daily announcements over the public address systems.

Responds to inquiries and requests for assistance in areas of responsibility.

Operates and maintains a variety of equipment, which may include a computer, printer, typewriter, copier, fax machine, telephone, two-way radio, laminating machine, calculator, binding machine, paper shredder, audio-visual equipment, die cut machine, etc.; uses clerical, computer and copier supplies, oral thermometer.

Interacts and communicates with a variety of individuals and groups, including the immediate supervisor, co-workers, other school administrators and staff, students, parents/guardians, volunteers, and the general public.


Fairfield County School District

Additional Information

Requires Bachelor's degree in grade/subject area taught with a valid South Carolina Teaching Certificate.

Salary commensurate with degree and years of experience.