Exceptional Education Educator-Fine Arts Preparatory School, Spartanburg-SC

  • Limestone Charter Association
  • Spartanburg, SC, USA
  • Jan 21, 2023
Elementary Special Education

Job Description

Fine Arts Preparatory School holds high standards for professionalism and scholarship. Exceptional Education Educators must identify the individual needs of each child and create a healthy, inspiring, and supportive learning environment. Exceptional Education Educators will have a strong understanding of learning strategies and services tailored to any student's particular learning style or need, to support academic progress. Exceptional Education Educators must possess a repertoire of instructional skills to create an atmosphere that inspires learning and target instruction to support students in progressing toward key learning outcomes. Responsibilities include helping to facilitate inclusive classrooms that promote learning and personal growth; motivating students to develop skills, attitudes, and knowledge as well as developing understandings; and collaborating with classroom teachers and other specialists to plan integrated units and activities, discuss student learning, analyze and moderate student work, and to promote the educational needs of students. The absolute focus of educators employed by Fine Arts Preparatory School is on teaching and learning. Innovative and experiential lessons are expected, in addition to a loving and nurturing personality. We believe that every student is gifted and will treat each as such. Some evening and weekend duties may be required.


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