3rd Grade ELA & Social Studies

  • SC Public Charter School District
  • Felton Laboratory School, College Avenue, Orangeburg, SC, USA
  • Jun 05, 2024
Elementary Elementary

Job Description

Under general supervision, a teacher plans, organizes, and implements the appropriate instructional program in an elementary (k-5) or secondary (6-8) learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic goals.  The teacher creates a classroom environment that is caring and conducive to both teaching and learning.  The teacher establishes a set of rules and procedures that govern the handling of routine administrative matters; s/he establishes a set of rules and procedures that govern student verbal participation and talk during different types of activities—whole-class instruction, small group instruction, etc., establishes a set of rules and procedures that govern student movement in the classroom during different types of instructional and non- instructional activities.


SC Public Charter School District (Felton Laboratory Charter School)


Felton Laboratory Charter School

Additional Information

Essential Job Functions

1.  Adheres to student confidentiality to include, but not limited to, IEPs, 504s, and disciplinary matters.

2.  Plans and provides daily instruction that meets the individual needs, interests, abilities, and developmental levels of assigned students to include various instructional strategies and differentiation of instruction.

3.  Provides content for learners that is appropriate for the unit objectives, for students' ability and developmental levels, and maintains a pace appropriate for all students.

4.  Uses diagnostic information obtained from tests and other assessment procedures to develop and revise objectives and/or tasks.

5.  Creates effective lesson plans, units of instruction, assessments, and pacing guides as requested by the administration. 

6.  Ensures that students are properly supervised at all times.

7.  Communicates effectively to administrators, parents, teaching assistants, and all relevant stakeholders regarding the academic needs of individual students.

8.  Manages student behavior by establishing effective classroom expectations and rules.

9.  Maintains clear, firm, and reasonable work standards and due dates.   

10.  Uses oral, written, and other work products to check student progress