JROTC Army Instructor

  • Dillon District 4
  • Jan 02, 2023
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Job Description

TITLE: JROTC ARMY INSTRUCTOR QUALIFICATIONS: • Certification as required by state in field of assignment • Other professional qualifications as determined necessary for fulfillment of assignment responsibilities • Such other alternatives to the above as the Board and/or Administration may find appropriate or acceptable REPORTS TO: School Administrator SUPERVISES: Students in JROTC program FUNCTION: Serves a dual responsibility to the school and the US Army to ensure that the daily operation, training, and administration of the JROTC Program meets applicable or applicable statutory and regularly standards established by the Department of the Army PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: • Supervises the maintenance of the unit administrative functions that include the unit functional file, preparation of recurring reports, requisitioning of unit and cadet reference publications • Prepares the recruiting publicity plan • Supervises the conduct of cadet administration • Prepares the yearly master training plan based on applicable army references • Conducts, plans, coordinates, and supervises the summer training programs for cadets • Provides briefings on JROTC matters for all official visitors • Supervises the proper performance and conduct of all extra curriculum activities of the JROTC program • Ensures that cadets are provided an opportunity to visit nearby military installations when funding is available • Coordinates and maintains a liaison with local National Guard units, USAR units, nearby Senior ROTC units, and local civic organizations • Ensures that responsibility is fixed for the receipt, storage, issue, turn-in, utilization and accounting for all authorized weapons and ammunition • Ensures that arms storage facilities meet prescribed physical security standards • Supervises the performance of the military property custodian to ensure the care and safe keeping of government property used in support of the JROTC Program • Exemplifies the type of leadership and behavior that will serve in the best interest of the cadets, other JROTC personnel and teachers • Assists the principal or his designated representative as required • Performs the duties of teacher in all JROTC subjects as required • Supervises the proper recording of grades and maintenance of class lists • Perform other duties and assume other responsibilities as may be assigned TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 240 days LAST UPDATED: 03/01/2012 DISCLAIMER STATEMENT This job description is not intended as a complete listing of job duties. The incumbent is responsible for the performance of other related duties as assigned/required.


Dillon School District Four