Sign Language Interpreter

  • Anderson District 5
  • Midway Elementary School, Harriett Circle, Anderson, SC, USA
  • Sep 16, 2022
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Job Description

TITLE:                                         SIGN LANGUAGE EDUCATIONAL INTERPRETER



QUALIFICATIONS:   High school diploma

  • Meets the educational requirements as mandated in the No Child Left Behind Legislation
  • Completion of an interpreter preparation program or equivalent experience required
  • Ability to interpret/transliterate via sign language/spoken English (voice for deaf student/s) at a normal conversational rate
  • Demonstrates ability to work with people and to implement plans according to directions
  • Willingness to be flexible to learn and perform new tasks


REPORTS TO:   Principal



JOB GOAL:  To facilitate communication among deaf or hard of hearing students and their hearing peers, the teacher’s directions/instructions and all other spoken communication within the educational environment.




  • Provides expressive and voice interpreting (may include American Sign Language, manually coded English, and/or oral interpreting) for deaf or hard of hearing students within the educational environment.

  • Provides tutoring and/or notetaking services for deaf or hard of hearing students when necessary and when interpreting is not needed.

  • Participates in educational team meetings, including the development and review of progress on the Individualized Education Program IEP, providing insight on the success of communication strategies.

  • Provides interpreting for extracurricular activities and parent meetings when necessary.

  • Assists in providing pertinent information in connection to deafness to hearing students, teachers and other staff members.

  • Works with small groups or individuals to reinforce material initially introduced by the teacher.


  • Assists individual students.

  • Maintains confidentiality concerning students and students’ records and data.

  • Participates in professional development.

  • Performs other duties as directed.



TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 183 days.  Salary to be determined by the salary schedule established by the Board.



Anderson School District Five


Midway Elementary School

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