Physical Therapist

  • Anderson District 5
  • Midway Elementary School, Harriett Circle, Anderson, SC, USA
  • Sep 16, 2022
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Job Description



TITLE: Physical Therapist

STATUS/FLSA:  Full-time / Exempt


DIRECT REPORTS: Full-time: (  ); Part-time (  )

SUPERVISOR: Director of Special Education

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 190 Days. Salary determined by the schedule set by the Board.

EVALUATION: Evaluated annually by the Director of Special Education.  



The purpose of this classification is to assist in the reduction or elimination of deficits in motor skills, strength, range of motion, balance and endurance in students with injuries or mobility issues. Responsible for increasing functional mobility and gait in the school environment.  

Essential Duties

















1)      Commute to assigned schools to provide individualized or small group therapy sessions to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities.  

2)      Provide consultation to school staff regarding specific modifications and support the students to better participate in school-related activities.  

3)      Utilize equipment and materials to support student services, and assume responsibility for requisitioning and maintaining required equipment and supplies.  

4)      Reduce barriers that limit student participation within the school environment.   

5)      Assist and guide teachers in observing, describing, and referring suspected and identified physical disabilities.  

6)      Provide screenings to identify students at regular intervals, and utilize approaches that encourage student participation in the least restrictive environment.   

7)      Respond to evaluation referrals for students with disabilities by selecting the appropriate evaluation tools, conducting evaluations, and interpreting results from the IEP team.  

8)      Prepare required reports summarizing the assessment results, develop present level of function, and the appropriate goals and objectives for an IEP.  

9)      Keep thorough records for individual students receiving therapy and compile case and environmental history documentation.

10)  Provide direct physical therapy to students.

11)  Provide treatments records and documentation for Medicaid reimbursement.


Essential Job Duties are intended to be examples of duties and are not intended to be all inclusive. There will be other duties as assigned.


-          Provide training and staff development in the therapeutic management of students including positioning, safety, and use of mobility equipment.

-          Participate in continuing education for professional development to ensure consistency with best practices and to remain in compliance with SC State Labor Licensing and Regulation Board and the National Board for Certification in Physical Therapy.

-          Adhere to federal and state legislation, regulation, and policies that affect physical therapy practice.

-          Maintain confidentiality and professional integrity.

-          Participate in professional development programs.







Tools and Equipment Usage


Knowledge of and ability to work in Microsoft Office and computer software programs; Ability to navigate software programs for IEP; Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing; Ability to remain flexible to altered work schedules as workloads dictate.  Knowledge of Federal IDEA and other state and federal laws; Good organizational skills; Ability to multi-task effectively; Ability to lead and guide others; Ability to prioritize multiple tasks.  Ability to interpret data and write comprehensive reports; Ability to adapt and modify environments, equipment, and materials; Ability to operate specialized equipment; Knowledge of district policies and procedures.

Use computers for data entry; or use hand-held power equipment or light machinery; Use computers for word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or custom applications.






Completion of a Master’s degree.

No experience required.

REQUIRED: South Carolina License.



Anderson School District Five


Midway Elementary, but serves multiple schools

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