Director of Finance

  • Hampton County School District
  • May 17, 2022

Job Description

Job Summary
Directs and manages the financial and business affairs of the School District to include the maintenance of financial and records including accounting, payroll, accounts payable, and cash management.  Establishes and maintains internal accounting controls and ensures financial compliance with State and Federal requirements.  Provides interdepartmental support and serves as an information resource on financial matters. Assists the Superintendent in strategic planning, policy development and implementation of objectives.  
Education and Experience:
  1. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Accounting or a related discipline with a minimum of eight years of experience in Financial Management or School Administration; or any equivalent combination of education and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  2. The ability to adapt and develop strong technical skills to include proficiencies of any software adopted by the district.
  3. A customer service-oriented attitude with an ability to collaborate with people in difficult situations.
  4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent and the Board of Education may find appropriate and acceptable.
  5. Supports the vision, mission, and beliefs of Hampton County School District.
  1. Extensive knowledge of finance, revenue administration, and other phases of fiscal management and budget control. 
  2. Knowledge of principles, methods, and practices of accounting. 
  3. Knowledge of the principles underlying the laws, ordinances and regulations governing the financial operations of the district. 
  4. Knowledge of modern business management practices. 
  5. Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles. 
  6. Knowledge in the processes of payroll, accounts payable, cash management, budget preparation and maintenance.
  7. Knowledge of the principles of management and leadership. 
  8. Knowledge of general computer applications and their utilization as related to specific tasks and responsibilities.
  9. Knows how to keep abreast of changes in policy, standards, procedures, and regulations pertinent to personnel and community related functions.
  10. Thorough knowledge of Business English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, possession of an excellent vocabulary and mathematical computation. 
  1. Advanced management, organizational, human relations, communications, and interpersonal skills. 
  2. Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with District staff. 
  3. Ability to plan, develop, administer, and monitor various personnel activities and programs in compliance with all relative federal and state regulations, and District policies, procedures, and standards. 
  4. Ability to use independent judgment and discretion in directing and managing financial and business activities. 
  5. Ability to instruct others through explanation, demonstration, and supervised practice, and/or make recommendations based on technical disciplines. 
  6. Ability to prepare and monitor the district budget. 
  7. Ability to complete, process, and maintain all required records, reports, and confidential information. 
  8. Ability to develop and maintain effective communications with District employees, immediate supervisor, media representatives, attorneys, and the public.
  9. Ability to create electronic reports and presentations, use the internet efficiently, communicate electronically via e-mail, and manage electronic data and files in an organized manner.
  10. Ability to train and conduct seminars, and other events as required to maintain the operations and functionality of the district.
Working Conditions:
  1. Office environment with little exposure to environmental conditions. 
  2. Physical demands are restricted to general office activities requiring movement/lifting items weighing up to ten pounds. 
  3. Routine local travel required; occasional overnight travel required. 
  4. Requires ability to work under a degree of stress related to duties that require considerable attention and meeting deadlines. 
  5. Duties of the job require frequent use of a computer monitor and related equipment.
Disclaimer Statement
This job description is not intended as a complete listing of job duties.  The incumbent is responsible for the performance of other related duties as assigned/required. The administration has the exclusion right to alter this job description at any time without notice.

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