The South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice Special School District is fortunate to offer 225
day instructional programs that are student oriented and maintain effective learning components
that enable skill related marketable job opportunities. In addition to regular academics students
are able to participate in the Horticulture, Graphic Communications, Culinary Arts, Parenting,
Welding, Auto Mechanics, Auto Collision, Small Engines, and Carpentry. Classes are also available
for career exploration and learning the soft skills associated with finding and keeping jobs. Our
teachers are dedicated to the betterment of the students and have had staff development in poverty training, suicide prevention, ESOL training and technology training. In addition, a majority of the staff have had training in reading and writing across the curriculum, strategies for increasing
teacher effectiveness, strategies for behavior management, and strategies for addressing the impact of ADHD and Executive Function on behavior and academics.
DJJ is very aware that our population learns differently than traditional pupils. The classroom
preparation consists of hands-on initiatives, thematic units, and the use of technology. Our
teachers look for unique and innovative learning experiences for our population.