Greenwood 50

Greenwood School District 50 is the largest of three school districts in Greenwood County. District 50 serves 9,145 students at 16 sites: 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 2 high schools, an early childhood center, a technology center, and one alternative center. 


Of District 50’s total student population, 43% are Black, 40% are White, 13% are Hispanic, 1% is Asian, and 3% are Other. According to the 2017 District Report Card, District 50's poverty index is 70.5%. District 50's has a student attendance rate of 94.8% and a retention rate of 1.1%. 15.8% of the district’s students are eligible for gifted and talented programs, while 26.5% are enrolled in AP/IB programs.


The district is the second largest employer in the county with 1,211 employees working in certified and classified positions. 81.1% of the teachers in the district are continuing contract teachers and 58.0% have advanced degrees. The teacher attendance rate is 94.6% and the average teacher salary is $48,439. High quality teachers are remaining in District 50 as evidenced by our 88.3% Teacher Retention Rate. There is diversity in the district's teacher and administrator workforce. 64% of school and district administrators are females, with 37 females currently holding administrator roles in the district. Currently, 72% of the administrators in the district have previously taught, attended school, or are natives of Greenwood.


District 50 places a strong emphasis on providing first-class facilities and state-of-the-art technology to all students and staff. The district's transition into the digital age was highlighted by the successful roll-out of Google Chromebooks to our students in grades 3rd-12th. District 50 has equipped K5-2nd grade students with iPad carts which teachers can use for lessons or class projects.