Spartanburg District 1


Our mission is to provide a quality, student-centered education. 

VISION…We envision a district where:

The focus is student-centered education.
Education prepares all students to become productive and responsible citizens.
Students, faculty, and staff strive to “Become Their Best” in all aspects of the school.
Students graduate from our schools with a planned path for success. 

BELIEFS …In Spartanburg School District One, we believe: 

Student achievement is our priority.
Education prepares all students for life.
All students can learn when provided the appropriate learning opportunities.
Our schools strive to foster cooperation between the home, the school, and the community.
Attractive and clean schools provide a safe and productive learning environment.
Parental and community involvement and support are crucial to the learning process. 


Student Achievement 

We will achieve high academic success for all students.
We will strengthen the instructional programs of the elementary, middle, and high schools.