Berkeley County School District (BCSD), the fourth largest school district in the state, partners with the community to address the knowledge, skills and characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. The over 6,600 employees serve approximately 35,200 K-12 students in 47 schools. The growth in the area is rapid, and the district is working to address the needs. It’s estimated that enrollment will increase by 1,000 students annually and that 20 to 23 new schools will be necessary to manage growth by 2035.

BCSD is focused on five goals: school climate, student achievement, communications, human resources and fiscal responsibility. The goals and focus areas guide the district’s continued progress and success, as outlined in the district strategic plan. In this plan, the SC Profile of a Graduate remains the primary focus for school improvement efforts. For example, students develop world-class knowledge and skills through differentiated programs at different sites such as Montessori, International Baccalaureate, Middle College, and Schools of the Arts. Each program is designed to accelerate learning and meet the specific interests and talents of students. Additionally, BCSD continued its technology initiative OneBerkely Connects in order to expand its one-to-one initiative so that all students grades 3-12 will be equipped with an electronic device that may be used for school. Additionally, instructional technologists are working with teachers to help them integrate technology in the curriculum.

Of course, comprehensive career and technical education programs also continue to expand in BCSD. More businesses are partnering with school programs and have expanded into the BCSD Rural School Initiative, a program targeted to assist students and programs in the more rural areas of the county. These partnerships provide relevant, authentic, problem-based learning, career exploration, and workplace experiences to prepare students to be college and career ready. Project-based activities expand student learning experiences across multiple disciplines and reflect the future college and career aspirations of students.