Elementary Reading Coach

  • Florence County School District Four
  • Jan 04, 2021
Elementary Elementary

Job Description

Florence County School District Four




TITLE:  State-Funded Reading Coach



Assist teachers in ensuring that all teachers are teachers of reading and implement effective literacy strategies.




  1. Holds a bachelor’s degree or higher and an add-on certification for literacy coach; or holds a bachelor’s degree or higher and is enrolled and actively participating in the SCDE Literacy Leader Institute or is actively pursuing the literacy coach endorsement by enrollment in an SCDE-approved program; or holds a master’s degree or higher in reading or a closely-related field and is pursuing the required qualifications in coaching.


  1. Works effectively with adults and motivates them to change practices (skill).


  1. Has experience as a successful classroom teacher.


  1. Exhibits knowledge of scientifically based reading research, quality reading instruction, and the ability to integrate reading strategies into content area instruction and data management skills.


  1. Has excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal, and time management skills.


  1. Has experience with coaching and/or mentoring preferred.


  1. Demonstrates depth of content knowledge.


  1. Displays characteristics of a learner and demonstrates professionalism.


REPORTS TO:  Principal



Reading Coach performs the following tasks and provides the following services in accordance with his or her employment with the District: 


  1. Participate in the SCDE Literacy Leader Institute (Reading Coach Professional Development Series). During the series, participants will (but are not limited to)
  2. Attend all monthly sessions;
  3. Attend all virtual meeting/training sessions;
  4. Complete coaching accountability forms;
  5. Create and maintain a portfolio to include logs that include, but are not limited to,
    1. coaching activities,
    2. professional development sessions conducted and attended, and
    3. reflections of practices; and conduct needs assessments based on school, teacher, and student data in order to develop professional development areas of opportunity.
    4. Assist with the development of the school’s Reading Plan.
    5. Model effective instructional strategies for teachers by working weekly with students in whole/small groups or individually. (Reading Coaches will use the teacher’s students he or she is working with to model these strategies.)
    6. Facilitate study groups.
    7. Train teachers in data analysis and using data to differentiate instruction.
    8. Coach and mentor colleagues.
  6. Provide daily support to classroom teachers.
  7. Work with teaches to ensure that research-based reading programs are implemented with fidelity.
  8. Help to increase instructional density to meet the needs of students.
  9. Help lead and support reading leadership teams at his or her school.
  10. Continue to increase his or her knowledge base in best practices in reading instruction, intervention, and instructional reading strategies.
  11. Work with all teachers (content teachers and elective areas) in the school he or she serves, prioritizing time for those teachers, activities, and roles that will have the greatest impact on student achievement, namely coaching and mentoring in classrooms.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  190 Day Contract


EVALUATION: Performance on this job will be evaluated in accordance with the School Board policy and administrative regulations on evaluation of certified personnel.


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