Executive Director

  • The Charter Institute at Erskine
  • Chapin, SC, USA
  • Jun 23, 2020
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Job Description

Executive Director

Location:  Odyssey Online Learning

Reports to:  OOL Board of Directors

Direct Reports: Director of Student Services, Assistant Administrator, SPED Coordinator, School Counselor, and School Operations Manager

Indirect Reports: Registrar, Attendance/Truancy Officer, and Intervention & Retention Specialists

FLSA Status:  Exempt

 Job Summary:

The Executive Director will maintain oversight of the operations of the school and ensure that the school’s mission and vision are upheld.  The Executive Director will oversee all school operations and be responsible for all state reports and school performance.  The Executive Director will manage all board meetings and prepare content for board meetings, as well as be responsible for the budget and other district financial reports and accountability.  They will be responsible for recommending salaries, raises, promotions and terminations to the Board and will make the final decision (after conferring with the Board) on personnel issues. The Executive Director will communicate all necessary information to the Board of Directors and the State Department of Education. The work hours for the Executive Director will be primarily from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., and evening and weekend hours will also be required in order to communicate with families and staff members on an as-needed basis. This position is a 12 month position and is located at the school’s administrative office.

 Main Responsibilities:

  • Academic Achievement
    • Establish high expectations for student achievement and communicate these expectations through a variety of methods (newsletters, presentations, memos) to internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis
    • Use the LMS System to monitor and analyze program effectiveness and identify areas needing improvement and intervention
    • Communicate academic progress to stakeholders on a quarterly basis and provide an annual summary to the Board of Directors and the State Department of Education
    • Monitor and evaluate staff through the LMS Systems to ensure quality instruction and student achievement
    • Coordinate curriculum development activities that increase staff expertise and knowledge
    • Ensure that continuous improvement is guided by student academic standards; school performance standards; and concrete data from Edmentum, state, and local assessments
    • Ensure that continuous improvement processes address the achievement of all students.
    • Work directly with all staff to increase enrollment and retain current students.
    • Review of assessment results to ensure academic goals are set accordingly and the School is on track to improve achievement.
    • Create partnerships with various external student service resources

 School Oversight and Operations

    • Develop and implement the mission and vision of the school
    • Ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations and policies
    • Submit all reports to the State Department of Education and Board of Directors in an accurate and timely manner
    • Assist in the selection and hiring of personnel based on ability, qualifications, past performance and school needs
    • Follow the Odyssey Online Learning Guidelines for evaluating staff members
    • Provide leadership in identifying and solving issues and problems facing the Odyssey Online Learning program
    • Facilitate communication and build professional relationships with the Board of Directors through phone calls, email, memos, meeting agendas, reports, presentations, and handout materials
    • Oversee day-to-day operations of the school and manage problems in a timely manner
    • Lead staff meetings and communicate frequently with staff members

  • Fiscal Viability
    • Coordinate with the School Operations Manger to follow the school budget and meet all financial obligations
    • Collaborate with Operations Manager on all federal plans and submissions to the district and State Department of Education
    • Manage and oversee the student recruitment and enrollment program
  • Growth and Development of the School
    • Participate in strategic planning meetings to discuss growth and development opportunities for Odyssey Online Learning
    • Promote positive relationships with stakeholders in communities across the state
  • Professional Knowledge
    • Demonstrate knowledge of state standards, testing requirements, and graduation requirements across core content and electives
    • Evaluate progress toward academic goals and make adjustments in order to meet these goals
    • Alternative education pathways, intervention strategies, and student resources

 Participation in professional activities and organizations

  • Maintenance of the Learning Environment
    • Commit to the use of cutting-edge technology
    • Build community by contributing to school message boards, newsletter and events
    • Communicate with colleagues and supervisors on a regular basis
    • Maintain confidentiality as required by the company and by law

 Key Relationships:

Internal:  Director of Student Services, Assistant Administrator, SPED Coordinator, School Counselor, Registrar, Attendance/Truancy Officer, School Operations Manager, Teachers, Success Coaches, and Intervention & Retention Specialist

External: Parents/Guardians, Students, Charter Board, State Department of Education, The Charter Institute at Erskine

 Key Behavioral Competencies:

 Personal Accountability - When commits to do something, does it decisively, responsibly and with urgency. Can be relied on consistently, including:

  • Demonstrates a strong sense of urgency through prioritizing and following through on commitments
  • Drives hard to meet and frequently exceed goals and objectives within tight timeframes.
    Decision Making
  • Makes timely decisions
  • Takes bold, decisive action or makes commitments, despite risks, conflict or uncertainty, after considering the available courses of action and the needs and values of others.
  • Customer Service Orientation
    • Demonstrates concern for meeting internal and external client and stakeholder needs in a manner that provides satisfaction for the customer, (within the resources that can be made available)
    • Shows a passion for improving service delivery and a commitment to continuous improvement
  • Relationship-Building
    • Establishes rapport with people easily
    • Develops and maintains a network of contacts who can provide information, help and access to others.


  • State Secondary School Principal Certification
  • Relevant Masters Degree
  • Minimum seven years of leadership experience, school-based preferred
  • Experience evaluating teachers using SCLead and the 4.0 Rubric preferred
  • Experience teaching or participating in an e-learning/online learning course preferred
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Google Suite
  • Proficiency with multimedia communication tools, such as discussion boards, web logs, email, instant messaging and audio podcasts
  • Ability and availability to travel within the state approximately two days per week and to other states every few months
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment   




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