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  • Sumter School District
  • 2580 McCrays Mill Road, Sumter, SC, USA
  • Jun 18, 2020
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Job Description

TITLE: AFJROTC Instructor - Senior CLASSIFICATION: Non-Certified FLSA: Exempt DEPARTMENT: Sumter High School


WORK YEAR: 220 days

REPORTS TO: Principal or Designee
Initial Application Process: Before any person can be considered for hire by a school, they must have an approved application on file with HQ AFJROTC Instructor Management Division.


Under the direction of the Principal and AFJROTC Director, the Senior AFJROTC Instructor is responsible for providing appropriate learning experiences and educational opportunities for each student assigned to the program at the assigned school. 

Applicants must also submit an application on the AFJROTC's website:

Please visit Air Force JROTC website for directions of how to get become an AFJROTC Instructor:  


  • Bachelor's degree, from an accredited institution preferred

  • Retired Air Force Officer with a minimum of 20 years extended active duty, or retired Air Force Guard or Reserve member with a minimum of 3,600 retirement points; be retired 5 years or less when hired as an Instructor (may be waived if the applicant is otherwise exceptionally well qualified and based on the needs of AFJROTC).

  • Must complete the Air Force JROTC Instructor Certification Course (JICC) or Virtual JICC. Certifications remains valid as determined by Holm Center/JR.

  • Be dynamic and have an understanding of the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth patterns of high school students.

  • Technology skills necessary to deliver instruction

Knowledge of


  • Academic evaluation and data collection methods

  • School Improvement

  • Best Practices in the delivery of curriculum and instruction

  • Content Area to be taught

  • Classroom Management


Ability To

  • Deliver instruction in a manner that improves student achievement

  • Implement intense student support

  • Collect and manage data related to student progress

  • Monitor and support student safety

  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing

  • Work in a team environment with teachers and other stakeholders

  • Schedule activities, meetings and/or events


DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES: (May not include all duties performed):

  • Instructs students enrolled in program for the purpose of meeting JROTC requirements.

  • Provide written lesson plans in accordance with the objectives of the instructional program

  • Implements aerospace science and/or subject specific programs for the purpose of meeting the U.S. Air Force guidelines.

  • Performs regular teaching tasks in a multi-subject JROTC curriculum as required by state and district requirements, including:

  • Provides Instruction;

  • Assesses and Encourages Student Progress; and

  • Manages the Learning Environment.

  • Instructs students in military drill.

  • Ensures proper maintenance and physical security of all government furnished equipment/materials, including the cleaning of uniforms.

  • Assists with planning and carrying out extra-curricular activities for JROTC Unit (including color/honor guard ceremonies, drill team and rifle team competitive meets, field trips, mini boot camps, ship cruises, etc.)

  • Assists in the preparation of monthly, semi-annual, annual, and periodic reports on program administration and logistics.

  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge on all aspects of the military branch.

  • Assesses JROTC program to assure program objectives are met.

  • Attends military-sponsored seminars to keep abreast of new requirements of program management.

  • Makes annual presentation on JROTC Program to all students at feeder schools.

  • Takes courses of instruction to improve teaching abilities.

  • Counsels students in the JROTC Program.

  • Maintains contact with civic groups to obtain their recognition of the JROTC program.

  • Performs other duties as necessary for the effectiveness of the organization and the safety of students.

  • Establish high expectations for learning for all students and make ensure that students are aware of these expectations

  • Monitor and evaluate student progress and adjust instruction to support achievement

  • Apply effective practices in the delivery of curriculum and instruction

  • Use differentiated instruction that is aligned with student need

  • Comply with all district/school policies, practices and procedures.

  • Attend training/professional development and implement information and materials provided

  • Use available technology to enhance instruction and achievement

  • Demonstrate competency in all subject areas taught

  • Provide evidence of student performance and progress

  • Create and maintain a climate of respect

  • Establish and maintain rules and conduct and discipline that are consistent with District Policy and Procedures and that result in an environment conducive to learning

  • Adhere to policies and procedures regarding Special Education referrals, staffing, and conferences

  • Practice fairness in teacher-pupil relationships and exhibit an understanding and respect for students as individuals

  • Be punctual and regular in attendance to school and duty assignments

  • Exhibit a cooperative attitude and professionalism toward students, parents, community, and school personnel

  • Make appropriate use of professional preparation periods

  • Present an appearance that does not adversely affect the student's ability to learn

  • Communicate the academic progress, attendance, and conduct of students to their parents/guardians

  • Other duties as necessary to the position


Working Conditions

Inside/outside office environment.

Hazards/Unusual Demands

Frequent standing, sitting, walking, and lifting Physical Requirements of Job Functions:
Standing 0-4 hours per day 1-7 hours per day
Walking 0-2 hours at a time 1-2 hours per day
Sitting 0-2 hours at a time 0-5 hours per day
Driving Occasionally Occasionally

Essential Functions Measured In Terms Of Frequency

I. Body Movement

  • Bend/Stoop Frequently

  • Squat/Crouch Frequently

  • Climb Frequently

  • Crawl Occasionally

  • Overhead Reach Frequently

  • Shoulder Reach Frequently

  • Kneel Frequently

  • Twisting Occasionally

  • Balancing Occasionally

II. Lifting

  • 0-20 lbs. Frequently

  • 20-45 lbs. Occasionally

  • 45-60 lbs. Occasionally

Additional Comment: Lifting or carrying refers to office supplies and equipment. Climbing stairs in or around buildings is also necessary
III. Repetitive Movement

  • Feet (both) Not at all

  • Hands (both) Constantly

Fine manipulation
Simple grasping
Pushing and pulling
Please note: The information contained in this job description is for compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position. Additional duties are performed by the individuals currently holding this position, and additional duties may be assigned.

EVALUATION:   Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provision of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.

Sumter School District is an equal opportunity employer.


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