Education Director

  • SC Public Charter School District
  • Greenville, SC, USA
  • May 21, 2020
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Job Description


The Meyer Center is a nonprofit specializing in early education and intensive therapy services to empower children with disabilities to reach their maximum potential.  We envision a world where all children with special needs are enabled to learn and thrive in their communities.  The Meyer Center receives support from numerous community organizations that support the mission and vision of the organization. 

The Meyer Center for Special Children serves approximately 100 students from birth through 2nd grade. The Meyer Center operates a private DSS licensed daycare facility for students under age three. The Meyer Center operates as a public charter school for students 3K-2nd grade. It is chartered by the South Carolina Public Charter School District (SCPCSD) and is designated as an Alternative Education Campus (AEC).


Job Responsibilities:

The Education Director serves as the administrative head of the Meyer Center for Special Children’s Education Department. The Education Director is responsible for the coordination of the total resources of the Education Department including all educational personnel and works in conjunction with the Executive Director in planning and appropriating resources effectively, complying with local, state and federal standards.



  • Create, maintain and sustain a vision aligned to the Meyer Center core values.
  • Collaborates with stakeholders (e.g. educational staff, students, families and community members) to foster the academic growth and well-being of each student.

Instructional Leadership

  • Ensure continuous improvement for all learners through high expectations, results-focus, and data driven decision-making.
  • Sets and communicates high standards for curricular/instructional quality ad student achievement.
  • Ensures the use of research and assessment data to continually monitor student progress and strategically improve instruction in response to monitoring.
  • Observe staff and assist in the implementation of effective teaching and assessment strategies to promote student learning.
  • Provides supervision and oversight for the summer, extracurricular and after school programs and activities.
  • Develops and successfully implements a comprehensive special education plan that provides a continuum of services.
  • Adheres to all IDEA requirements and IEP timelines.
  • Collaborates with Therapy Director and Social Worker to screen and place new students per lottery and admission criteria.
  • Serves as the Special Education liaison to the SC Public Charter District and ensures compliance with District goals.

Effective Management

  • Oversees PowerSchool compliance and procedures for enrollees and attendance documentation.
  • Plans and administers budgeting and purchasing according to all relevant local, state and federal requirements.
  • Plans and administers all Title I, II, III and IV funds as eligible.
  • Assigns all professional staff within the building in accordance with their certification and competency.
  • Works with teachers and available resources to ensure each student has equitable access to highly effective teachers, learning opportunities, academic and social support and other resources necessary for success.
  • Manages the supervision and evaluation of staff in accordance with local, state and federal requirements.
  • Implements, evaluates and refines as necessary, procedures for the security and safety of all personnel and students.


  • Supports teachers and students to enhance teaching and learning in a personalized learning environment
  • Supports a strong, positive school culture and climate focused on student social/emotional growth and development matched with high expectations.
  • Initiates and maintains strategies to promote collegiality and collaboration among the staff to ensure high expectations for professional work, ethical and equitable practice, child-centered education and continuous organization improvement.
  • Involves parents, students and the community in the efforts to create and maintain a positive learning environment.
  • Ensures the maintenance of a clean and aesthetically pleasing school environment to maintain a safe learning environment for all.

Community Relations

  • Creates, develops and sustains relationships that result in active student engagement in the learning process.
  • Engages students, staff, families and community members in the development, evaluation and monitoring of policies.
  • Communicates the educational objectives of the school to parents and other citizens of the community and encourages their participation in needs assessments to improve school programs.
  • Creates and sustains a variety of opportunities for parents and community involvement in school activities.
  • Accurately collects and communicates student achievement outcomes to constituents.

Ethical Behavior

  • Develops an effective and interactive communication plan with key stakeholders.
  • Works within professional and ethical guidelines to accomplish school goals.
  • Adheres to all policies of the Board and all local, state and federal requirements.
  • Maintains a positive professional climate where personal and professional standards and conduct enhance the image of the school and the educational process

Interpersonal Skills

  • Communicates effectively with stakeholders to support school goals.
  • Models respect, understanding, sensitivity and appreciation for all people.
  • Assume other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Director

Staff Development

  • Recruits, monitors, supports, evaluates, retains and ensures high quality performance of teachers and staff who implement the vision and mission of the school.
  • Accesses resources and opportunities for ongoing professional growth.
  • Collaborates and implements professional development that promotes the achievement of school goals.
  • Collaborate with staff to create and implement a plan for a variety of relevant staff development activities that promote the achievement or school’s goals and growth of students and staff.
  • Share effective teaching strategies, coach skills and manage staff turnover and succession by providing effective induction and mentoring for professional growth.

Education and Experience:

The desired candidate for this position will hold a degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision.  Candidates with experience in Special Education Services, Early Childhood Education and/or Elementary Certification are encouraged to apply. 

  • A minimum earned master’s degree from an accredited institution in a relevant field
  • Valid South Carolina elementary administrator certificate
  • Three to five years of teaching and administrative/supervisory experience







SC Public Charter School District


Meyer Center for Special Children

Dr. Leslie Meyer founded the Meyer Center in 1954 with a simple vision: in the right environment, any child can learn. Today the Meyer Center remains dedicated to enriching the lives of children with disabilities so that they might reach their full potential.