Assistant Principal for Academics

  • SC Public Charter School District
  • Charleston, SC, USA
  • Mar 23, 2020
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Job Description

Palmetto Scholars Academy, a 6-12 public charter school, is seeking an Assistant Principal for Academics. PSA exists to meet the distinctive academic, social, and emotional needs of students by utilizing best practices of gifted education. The ideal candidate would have a passion for and a strong knowledge of academics, teaching strategies, and best practices of gifted education for adolescents. Candidates must be self-motivated to develop strategies and programs to support learners within a gifted and talented curriculum. Candidates must also be willing to work with the administrative team to develop clear guidelines/procedures for curriculum and instruction. In addition to cultivating the school’s culture and displaying effective leadership, the ideal candidate must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


● Support and ​communicate PSA’s vision, goals, plans, and priorities to staff, students, parents, and community on a regular basis.

● Collaborate with stakeholders to establish goals, develop a plan, and set priorities consistent with the school’s vision in order to foster the academic growth and well-being of each student.

● Assist the principal in ​implementing, evaluating, and refining the plan of action for achieving the school’s vision.

● Assist the principal in the ​observation of classroom instruction and provide constructive (not evaluative) feedback.

● Create (with faculty and administrative team collaboration) comprehensive curriculum guides to include expected learner outcomes, resources, scope and sequence, and pacing.

● Assist the principal in setting and communicating high standards for curricular/instructional quality and student achievement.

● Support and coordinate all academic teams. Work with the administrative team to coordinate team travel.

● Share effective teaching strategies, use coaching skills, and manage staff turnover and succession by providing opportunities for effective mentoring to encourage professional growth.

● Establish, coordinate, and support implementation of programs and services that promote positive social, emotional, and intellectual growth for each student in preparation for postsecondary education and/or employment.

● Collaborate with faculty and staff to plan and implement professional development activities that align with PSA’s goals.

● Work with teachers and available resources to ensure that each student has equitable access to highly effective teachers, learning opportunities, academic and social support, and other resources necessary for success.

● Develop and implement enrichment activities for students with exceptionally high cognitive ability.

● Initiate and maintain strategies to promote collegiality and collaboration among the staff to ensure high expectations for professional work, ethical and equitable practice, child-centered education, and continuous individual and organizational improvement.

● Collaborate with teachers and staff to monitor and improve performance on multiple measures of student progress.

● Collaborate with staff to develop effective strategies to promote parent- and community support for student learning.

● Collaborate with staff to create and sustain a variety of opportunities for parent and community involvement in school activities.

● Facilitate staff communication and coordination within and between grade levels.

● Work with the administrative team to develop a robust professional development plan based on data.

● Actively participate in school activities, including after hours and on the weekends.

● Assist the principal during conflict or crisis situations.

● Additional duties as assigned by the school principal.

Skills and Characteristics:

● A passion for the mission of PSA.

● Demonstrated respect for all people as well as property.

● Ability to connect with students, families, and community members.

● Open communicator who does not retreat from difficult conversations.

● A willingness to develop and uphold a clear vision.

● Creative thinker who enjoys challenging the status quo of public education.

● Self-starter who has the ability to work collaboratively as well as individually.

● Ability to assist in the practical application of best practices in the classroom setting.

● Continuously seeking self-improvement as well as improvement of PSA.

● Excellent written and verbal skills.

● Strong commitment to researching current educational trends.

● Willing to hold self and others accountable to high expectations.

● Hard worker who recognizes the need to maintain a healthy life/work balance.

● Kind, takes initiative, listens well, gives and receives constructive feedback, generally enthusiastic about improving the experience for teachers and students at PSA.

Educational Background and Work Experience:

● Master’s degree required.

● Valid SC Certification in school level administration is preferred.

● In-depth knowledge of best practices of gifted and talented curriculum and instruction.

● Minimum of five years experience teaching adolescents.

● Charter school experience is preferred.

● Demonstrated leadership skills.


SC Public Charter School District


Palmetto Scholars Academy

PSA is a Gifted and Talented Charter School located in North Charleston, South Carolina. 

Additional Information


Salary for this position is competitive and commensurate with experience. State health benefits are offered. Retirement is offered through a Simple IRA plan