Social Studies Teacher

  • SC Public Charter School District
  • Salem, SC
  • Jun 11, 2019
High School Middle Level - Social Studies Secondary - Social Studies

Job Description

Social Studies Teacher: Job Description

  • Develop and teach history course content while authentically connecting history knowledge and skills to student projects and real-world scenarios
  • Comfortably use developing teaching methodologies to a high degree of demonstrable student success (for example, blended learning, the "flipped classroom," project-based learning, instructional technologies, digital collaboration tools, and mastery-based learning approaches)
  • Act as an Advisor to a small cohort of students throughout the year (11-15 students)
  • Guide students through an interest-based collaborative project creation process (extending beyond the English classroom)
  • Additionally participate in other parts of the school program as needed (such as participating in a school/student committee)


SC Public Charter School District


Next School Eagle Ridge

NEXT School Eagle Ridge is a grade 6–12 school built by people who want to make an impact, and want to do so as part of a diversely talented and flexible team. Because we love meeting and connecting with like-minded educators, we post positions even while our year is in motion—we’d like you to be able to see the model in action and think about your future with NEXT School Eagle Ridge (as well as consider opportunities for positions during the year).

An extension of NEXT High School in Greenville, SC, NEXT School Eagle Ridge (NSER) is a free, statewide public charter school. NSER exists to prepare young people for life by engaging them in life now, giving them the tools and opportunity to create real products, host real events, launch real businesses or nonprofits, and have a real impact. We believe that there is no reason for student work to be hypothetical, or for projects to live and die on a posterboard.

Some of our tools and methods include blended learning, 1:1 technology, a low-ratio teacher advisory program, flexible workspace, and flexible scheduling. This combines to create a dynamic, fast-paced, and high-energy environment.

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Next School Eagle Ridge is a charter school located in Salem, SC